TPD0236 - Awareness of Safety in the Workplace (ENG VERSION) Rayong, Chonburi, Samutprakarn

Training Course:  Awareness of Safety in the Workplace



          Encouragement of  awareness and safety in the workplace. By raising awareness about the causes and consequences of accidents. Or solutions, including process control, protection and security management. Once we know the cause of the accident. Planing and prevention standard. The concept that control the effects that may be caused by the accident. The creation and promotion of accidents to zero (Zero Accident) to occur within the organizations.



  • Studying and knowing awareness of safety in the workplace.
  • Participants can bring this technique to create awareness on safety in the workplace



          1. Definition of the accident and the importance of reducing accidents.

          2. Definition of occupational  health and safety.

             Of the Incident, Near miss, Accident.

          3. losses and the impact of the accident.

          4. The concept and importance of the Zero Accident.

          5. Technical safety awareness in the workplace.

                   5.1 Safety Talk

                   5.2 Safety week

                    5.3  Safety Patrol

                    5.4 Safety Program by  JSA & KYT

                    5.5 Lockout  & Tag out

          6. Work shop Analyze the causes of accidents And prevention and proactive approach


Trainer : Luminaries

Training Method :  Lecture, Video Case Study,  Work shop                                             

Training Period : 1 Day (09.00 A.M. – 4.00 P.M.)

Training Place : In-House

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